ExpiTrust test CA v7


Certificate issuer

Issuer: ExpiTrust test CA v7

Key: 2048 bit

Valid: 18th April 2029

Download certificate: ExpiTrust test CA v7


Revokelist and Online  Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)

CDP URL 1: http://cdp1.certservice.se/cdp/eid/ExpiTrust test CA v7.crl

CDP URL 2: http://cdp2.certservice.se/cdp/eid/ExpiTrust test CA v7.crl

OCSP URL 1: http://ocsp.certservice.se


Test certificate SHS

Valid: 2023-03-05

Download certificate: Test certificate SHS


Test certificate Server- and Stamp Identifications

Valid: 2023-03-01

Download certificate: Test certificate server- and stampidentification


Test certificate E-serviceidentification File

Valid: 2023-03-09

Download certificate: Test certificate E-serviceidentification


In need of other types of e-certificates for testing, please contact Expisoft.