ExpiTrust EasyID

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A personal e-identification that does not contain the holder's social security number. A person using an ExpiTrust EasyID is instead identified by means of a unique "identity number" which is added to the e-ID at the time of issue. You then register this "identity number" with the e-service you will use.
ExpiTrust EasyID
Installed with the included ExpiClient security software.
Validity 2 years

Price: 1375 SEK (Incl. VAT)
Important information about ordering
  • Ordering ExpiTrust EasyID must be done by the future holder of the e-identification via login
  • E-Legitimation details are retrieved from the logged in customer
  • Verification of the customer takes place by uploading a picture of a valid ID document
  • Payment takes place when ordering by credit card. We support Visa, Mastercard and Maestro
  • Retrieval of PIN letter for ExpiTrust EasyID takes place via login after delivery notification via e-mail