Server identification / Organizational identification

Depending on the purpose of use, the server credentials / organizational credentials can be used for:
• identification of server (to which e-service I have come).
• identification of customer (who connects to an e-service).
The most common use of these e-identifications is customer identification in connection with connection to an e-service.

Important order information   (does not apply to volume and agent customers)
Orders require the approval of a qualified manager or signatory, now there are two different signature methods to choose from at the end of the order (after approval of the order)

Physics Signature
The order form is printed and signed by an authorized manager or company signatory and then the signed order is sent to Expisoft by post.

E-signed power of attorney
Power of attorney that gives the customer the right to carry out the order. You enter the e-mail address of the authorized manager or signatory who signs the power of attorney with Swedish Mobile BankID. Power of attorney and the order are sent electronically to Expisoft.
Server identification / Organizational identification

Validity 2 years.

Pris privat organisation: 3800 SEK (Excl. VAT)
Pris stat, kommun och region: 2700 SEK (Excl. VAT)