Test your e-service identification

Choose what you want to test

The test is divided into two parts, login (Legitimation) and signature (Signing).
In the tests you will also get information about the data in your e-service identification.


Test of credentials

The Microsoft Edge Web browser that ships with Windows 10 shall not be used.

Start test

Test of signature

Can only be performed with the Internet Explorer browser.

Start test

The first step is to control your environment. Testing is done that your operating system and your browser meet the requirements that Javascript is enabled and that your clock is set correctly.
Operating System
System architecture
Not Activated
Support id
E-ID for identification
To test your e-ID for legitimation comes one connection is made to a web service that requires login. In connection with this login, a selection box can be displayed where you can select which e-ID you want to use.

Your E-Service ID is working properly.


Your E-Service ID has been verified and no issues have been identified.