What is an e-servicen identification?

An e-service ID is a personal identity document that links the user to a legal organization and containsnot the proprietor’s social security number.A person using an email service ID is identified instead using organisation number for the organization that the person represents in combination with a unique number (usually an employment number).

Note that e-service credentials are not the same as personal email credentials.

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What is the difference between personal email credentials and email service credentials?

The main difference between personal e-credentials and e-service credentials is that e-service credentials do not contain a social security number. The table below highlights the main differences between the two different types of credentials:

Personal e-identity E-service identification
Does the employee’s organizational status of identification appear? No Yes
Ordered the company’s ID? No Yes
Owns ID of the company? No Yes
Can the ID be blocked by the company? No Yes
Can the identification be ordered for persons without a Swedish social security number? No Yes
Can credentials be used for private matters? Yes No
Is the identity number of the identification number shown? Yes No
Register and storw social security numbers when signing transactions? Yes No