E-service identification (File)

Is a personal organization ID that links the user to an organization and does not contain the holder's personal social security number. Instead, a person using an e-service identification will be identified by a service identity number.
That number is produced with digits 16 before the organizational number + "a unique number/letters" usually an employment number.

An example of a service identity number: 165567430417stbj1006

The e-service identification belongs to the ordering organization.

Important! The service identity number must be communicated to the service provider for you to be registered in their service.

PIN code letter

Dispatched to you when the order is issued and contains information about the holder, validity period and codes for the e-service identification. The pin code letter must be stored in a safe manner and shall be used if a re-installation is required.

- Unique identifier: The code is used to retrieve/block the e-service identification.
- PIN code: Is used for installing the e-service identification.

Security Software

Expisoft delivers the security software ExpiClient that manages the e-service identification and the add-on module Websign Personal, which is used for signature.

The programs can be downloaded via the installation menu.

64-bits version Windows 7 and 10
- ExpiClient 7 with websign build 6082